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Match Schedule Spring '15

                         Spring 2015 Schedule


Saturday, Apr. 11            Bennington                                    Home          TBA


Saturday, Apr. 18            John Donovan Tournament           Home           TBA


Saturday, Apr. 25            MCLA                                           Away            TBA


Saturday, Oct. 11            Amherst College                           Away             TBA



Practice Schedule- Winter 2015

Thursdays: 9:30pm-11:00pm

Sundays: 8:00pm-9:30pm

All winter practices are held in the Field House.


Match Schedule Fall '14

                          Fall 2014 Schedule


Sunday, Sept. 14            Brandeis                        Away          1:00 PM

Williams - 23  Brandeis - 31                               

Saturday, Sept. 20          Nichols College            HOME      1:00 PM

Williams - 3   Nichols - 49 

Saturday, Sept. 27          Bye week


Sunday, Oct. 5               Babson                          Away          1:00 PM

Williams - 0  Babson - 66 

Saturday, Oct. 11           Amherst College          HOME        1:00 PM

 Williams - 3  Amherst - 24


Williams beats Amherst 12-7


       This past Saturday, the Williams College Rugby Football Club, for the first time in three and a half years, conquered their Amherst rivals with what rugby historians are already referring to as the greatest bout of playing the Northeast has seen in decades. The White Dogs, a team with six freshmen and a total of eight rookies, set a tone of domination and destruction from the start with a bone shattering hit at the kickoff from sophomore rookie Forbes Wilson, pounding down the Lord Jeffs with a try in each half and boldly resisting efforts from their opponents to regain position for a final score of 12-7. Amherst’s attempts to comeback were valiant, but largely futile. The Williams forward pack, led by co-captain and prop Josh Geller, more than made up for a disadvantage in size with technical skill, strategy and stamina, outwitting the clumsy Amherst pack at every turn and draining their energy with every set piece, maul and ruck. The Williams pack proved integral in the team’s defense, resisting the repeated and tedious battery of the Amherst forward assault within a yard of scoring to prevent a tie in the second half. The forwards performed so admirably as to even elicit a rare smile from their captain, to the delight of all within the Purple Valley. The Williams back line, led by co-captain and fly half Eric Mintzer, dominated the Amherst line, consistently punching through their defense and exploiting gaps and overlaps with textbook mastery. With deft handling, swift movement and the keen ability to consistently get the ball wide to the wings and brush past the Amherst back line defense, the Williams side made veritable fools of their rivals. While the forwards fought hard in the rucks and mauls to win and keep possession of the ball, it was the back line that jammed the ball down Amherst’s throat for the scores.


       Both of the tries for Williams were feats of athleticism, and deserve essays in their own right. For the first score, after a well-executed line out by the Williams pack and swift maneuvering by the back line, freshman fullback Tomas Padgett Perez lured a lone Amherst defender into a two-on-one, drawing in the tackle before spinning the ball out to Wilson, who triumphantly dashed into the try zone for the score. The start of the second half went as well for Amherst and did the start of the first, with a glorious try executed again by the Williams back line, even despite playing a man down for ten minutes due to a (dubious) yellow card. Freshman wing Adam Resnick, after carrying the ball in a breakaway run twenty yards into the Amherst red zone, avoided a tackle (and a potential turnover) with a superbly calculated and masterfully executed kick, placing the ball just within the try zone. Padgett took up the ensuing sprint, beating out the notoriously swift Amherst wing to dive on the ball and proudly claim the score. Amherst’s rallying in the second half was not fruitless: in the fiftieth minute the Amherst pack used their brutish size and thick skulls to badger down the Williams team and just barely push the ball across the try line. Their comeback was short-lived, however, and they could not fully even the score. As the whistle blew, history was made.


       Saturday’s victory represents a glorious capstone on the rugby career of its senior class: the aforementioned Josh Geller and Eric Mintzer, prop and president Rene Rodriguez, flanker Emanuel McMiller, flanker Hamza Zaidan, and second row Adam Strawbridge. As well, this victory is sure to be the foundation of a new legacy for the WRFC, with the strongest underclass in the team’s recent history – one of smashing Amherst and playing superb rugby. 


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